Customer Data Hygiene

What does customer data hygiene mean to your dealership?

When we talk about customer data, we’re talking about the information you keep on every customer and every potential customer.

With a solid DMS or CRM, it’s easy to feel confident that your customer data is in good shape. Sure, your database may contain some outdated, corrupt, or incomplete data, but for the most part you’re good, right?

Wrong. On average, 91% of the customer data from the dealers we’ve worked with is bad. 91%.

And here’s the kicker. This is customer data – people who bought a car or had their car serviced. People you’ve already spent money to win over. If the average customer lifetime value was $60,000 in gross profit, then every lost customer represent a significant hemorrhaging of revenue.

Stop the bleeding. Reverse the trend. Increase the average customer lifetime value.

Let us look at a sample data set. We’ll perform the full suite of customer data hygiene services and report back, giving you perfect insight into the state of your data. And we’ll do it for free.

Your data hygiene strategy should be built on three pillars:

• Cleansing
• Maintenance
• Improvement

You will differentiate yourself by going above and beyond running 3rd party data through NCOA and CAS filters.

Customer records go bad, and that costs you money. It’s potential revenue loss on a massive scale. With a customer lifetime value of $60,000 in gross profit, it doesn’t take long for the losses or gains to stack up to the millions.

Data hygiene is the foundation of every successful marketing campaign.