The Right Audience

Your data manager is the person in charge of maintaining data on your right audience. So who is your data manager?

Your real data manager is the person who enters information on your customers into your CRM. For most dealerships, that is a service manager, who unfortunately might not be as meticulous at data entry as you need him to be. Any lack of attention to details results in literally hundreds of thousands of bad records.

Our core competencies center around cleaning, maintaining, and improving customer data all to get you the right (most profitable) audience. We do it all day, everyday.

Strong Offers

Don’t you just hate the red tape?

Getting any offer on a piece can be difficult, let alone a strong offer. We understand working with co-op dollars and manufacturers sometimes means your hands are tied.

Let us handle that for you. We’ll bring our library of previously approved incentives, add ties into meaningful data (like the Kelley Blue Book database), mix in some consumer insights, and keep it all in the parameters set by the manufacturers.

We’ll help you get the approved right offer to the right person at the right time. There’s no better winning combination.

Consistent Efforts

You need consistency, but not uniformity. Highly personalized, variable data paired with a rotating and continuously improving library of marketing campaigns is the secret sauce. It. Works. Every. Time.

When you plan for positively progressing consistency over simple repetition, ROIs not only stabilize, they increase!

Measured Success

The #1 myth in marketing is that you can’t know your return on marketing investment.

Everything can be tracked. It requires a team effort, but it is possible. The days of “spray and pray” are over. And to beat out your competition, you need to track them too. Totally doable.

We’ll help you set up tracking on each of the five touches in our campaigns – direct mail, email, PURLs, texting, and voicemail. Then we’ll present the results and a strategy to soar to new heights.

Ready to Get Started?

Here's how it works...

1. Say yes! Say yes to the best marketing campaign you’ll ever have.
2. Share resources. We’ll need two things from you – data and art. That’s it.
3. Approve the campaign. Nothing is done without your permission. Once you approve, we’ll deliver a custom-designed campaign that will deliver results.

All you have to do is say yes, share, and approve. If you can do those three things for us, we’ll take it from there.