Landing Pages

According to a study by Infosys, 74% of consumers are frustrated when website content isn’t personalized to them. It’s no surprise then that the majority (59%), say their purchases were influenced by the personalization.

While graphics and visuals can draw visitors in, individualized content is required for increased consumer engagement. A personal url (or PURL) is the perfect answer, right? Right.

We know this is nothing new. Dealerships who aren’t handing out PURLs like candy to their customer base are behind the times. But here’s what you’re not doing – dynamic and continuous personalization based on engagement page after page.

It’s not hard to image a PURL with the guest’s name. But how about a PURL that shows an image of that guest’s car with a label detailing the trade-in value of that car, it’s upgrade, and a payment plan set up by the guest’s bank. That’s the level we’re talking.

Dealerships using PURLs in this way are giving their sales staff a measurable advantage. By having potential buyers answer a few simple, direct noninvasive questions a sales person can pretty much know what deal will work for each buyer before they ever talk with them.